Blaine/Andover's Children's Resale Event


Let's do this together!

If you're a First-Time Seller or a Long-Time Consignor, you'll find everything you need to know about Selling—right here in this Guide—to help you turn your outgrown kid items into CA$H.

(Click on the Steps Below for more details on Selling at our next event)

1-Signing Up to Sell
2-Reserve Your Spot
3-Gather & Sort Items
4-Prep Your Items
5-Tag & Price Your Items
6-Drop Off Your Items at the Sale
1-Signing Up to Sell
Click Here to Sign-up for the Sale

Let's Get You Started 

First Step is to get you signed up for the Sale via your JBF Tagging Account.

(If it is your first time selling with JBF you will want to set up your account the first time you log-in)

Once you are logged in- search for the Blaine/Andover Sale and select the Event and then Consignor.

This will set you up to tag and ensure the sale has access to your inventory for the POS system.

Click Here to Sign-up for the Sale
2-Reserve Your Spot

Reserve your Spot at the Next Sale

Your Reservation includes:

Your Drop-off Information

Consignor Waiver

Questions to help us plan the Event

Your Pick-up Information

Click Here to Reserve Your Spot
3-Gather & Sort Items
Gather up those Items your are Ready to Sell

Each child cycles through a wardrobe every 6 months.

So, if you're feeling like you have lots of outgrown clothes in your home, you're not alone!

Plus, you can also sell items you likely have around your home from the Toy Room to the Garage

Once Everything is Gathered - Time to Decide what to: KEEP, SELL, TOSS
So, now that you have a stack of items, it’s time to sort them. Grab 3 laundry baskets or boxes and begin to separate items into these categories below:

KEEP: These are items that have high sentimental value—things that you just can’t part with—and that’s OK! Set these items aside and keep going.

SELL: Items will sell BEST at Just Between Friends if they have The 4 C's!

Clean: Items that look the cleanest and newest will sell first.
Current: Is it the right season to sell?  Click Button Below for our Seasonal Item Guide
Complete: Items must have all their pieces and parts and be in working order
Compliant: Safety first. A quick check for RECALLS helps keep all our kids safe!
TOSS: There’s such a thing as “beyond well-loved.” These items show wear and tear, are missing pieces, stained, damaged, or just don’t work anymore. This group of things can be tossed, donated, or recycled. It’s time to let them go and open some space.
Click Here for Our Seasonal Selling Guide
4-Prep Your Items

Prepping your Items:

1- Stock-up on Supplies

2- Prep your Items - Make them Look Good!

Check out our Amazon List

Prepping Your Items

How to get your Items Sold!

(Instructional Videos at the Bottom of this Page)

Prepping Your Items  

(Instructional Videos at the Bottom of this Page)

Click Here for More JBF Tagging Videos
5-Tag & Price Your Items

Pricing Your Items

What would you Pay?

Tagging Your Items

Understanding the JBF Tagging Account

You can tag using your phone or your computer

1- Log-in to your Tagging Account

2- Select Create Tags

(For more help as you go - select the Help tab in the tagging app)

(Printable Tagging System Guide Button Below)

Click Here for Our Tagging System Guide
6-Drop Off Your Items at the Sale


Way to Go - Now Comes the Easy Part

Drop-off, Sit Back and Watch Your Sales Grow!

Be Sure to Tell your Friends about the Sale too!

The More you Tell the More you Sell!

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Printable Seller Guide

Preparing your items

Watch the following videos to see how to prepare all of your items.

Tagging Supplies

What are the Basic Supplies needed:

Cardstock Paper 65lb or heavier • Safety pins: Please use 1" (No. 1) or larger safety pins: no straight pins or small pins.

Ziploc Bags • Tape- both scotch and heavy packing tape • Hangers -Wire, plastic tube and department store hangers are okay

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